375 DA / 375ADA / 475 DA


2 1/2", 3", 4", 6", 8", 10


This is a reduced pressure detector assembly. Production began in 1999. The mainline assembly is similar to the model 375 or 475. The bypass utilizes a model similar to the 975 XLD 3/4" The model 375 DA is a straight horizontal piping orientation and comes in sizes 2 1/2"-10". The model 475 DA is able to provide an up and down or vertical piping orientation and comes in sizes 4"-10". Repair kits will be the same for both models. In 2004 the 375DA became available in an "A" model (e.g.375ADA ). The A model uses a grooved end valve body configuration as opposed to a flanged end valve body.


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