Deringer 20 / 30 / G


2", 2 1/2", 3", 4", 6", 8"


This is a double check assembly. Production began in 2014 on the models 20 & 20X while production on the 20G began in 2018. The model 20 & 20X come with grooved end integral butterfly shut offs while the 20G comes with OSY flanged end shut offs. The body is a fabricated stainless steel design with a bolted single access cover. The checks are a modular design made of Noryl plastic material. The check discs are silicone rubber. The check modules are held into the body with bolts that extend from the outside of the body into a slot to hold the check modules in place. These allen head bolts have to be unscrewed to remove the check modules from the body for repair. The check uses a torsion spring design. Spring tension does not need to be released to change the check disc.


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