Backflow Reference Manual - Ames

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2000 / DCA


4" , 6", 8", 10"


This is a double check assembly. Production on this model began approximately 1986. The 4" and 6" were discontinued in 1995. The eight inch was discontinued in 1998. The 10" was discontinued in 2002. The body is constructed of a welded fabricated steel that is available in either a galvanized or fused epoxy coating. It is a one piece body except on the 10" which has a split two piece body. Check springs are contained when the cover is removed. A special tool is needed to release the spring tension of the check mechanism once the cover is removed to disassemble the check. The internal hardware parts of the check mechanism are stainless steel with a bronze check seat. The check mechanism utilizes a vulcanized clapper plate instead of a rubber disc on the check mechanism. The check is a pivot action knuckle joint assembly. The 4"-8" sizes use a side mount check design which requires the retainer clip tool for proper repair. The 10" uses the tower mount design which requires the tong tool for proper repair. The check seats are replaceable. A seat removal tool is needed to replace them properly.


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