Backflow Reference Manual 2019 Edition

The BAVCO Reference Manual is a 600 page collection of spec sheets, breakdowns and repair information of 22 different manufacturers and hundreds of different models of backflow prevention assemblies.

Please read the Introduction section to understand how to access the many layers of information contained in the Backflow Reference Manual.

To find information on any model of backflow prevention assembly:

  1. The Backflow Manual is divided by Manufacturers Chapters. Click on the manufacturer.

  2. Locate the model number of the backflow prevention assembly and click on the model number.

  3. The model number page will show several links to click on at the bottom:

    • Printable specifications and breakdowns
    • Printable factory repair information
    • Common backflow repair parts (if available)

You will need Adobe Reader to view the Backflow Reference Manual. If you do not have it, you can download it for free.

The Backflow Reference Manual can be downloaded and or printed on your printer by either complete Manufacturers chapter or individual model number within a chapter. BAVCO can provide a free 3 ring binder with tabs for the various manufacturers to hold these printed pages.

Request a free 3-ring binder.

Should this Backflow Reference Manual stop short of your requirements, or if you have any further questions on any assembly please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Department at 800-458-3492. Or email us.

We would like to thank the many manufacturers for their help in making the information on the various assemblies available. All dimensions, specifications and breakdowns are produced by the manufacturers and the accuracy is solely the manufacturers responsibility, Assembly dimensions are approximate and may vary from actuals.