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Backflow Prevention Enclosures
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The need to provide a protective environment is important for backflow prevention assemblies. When backflow prevention assemblies must be installed outside, they must be protected from various hazards such as weather or vandalism. Many manufacturers have developed enclosures to cover and protect backflow prevention assemblies. These engineered enclosures assure the assembly is protected but can easily be removed so the assembly can be tested or repaired. We carry backflow enclosures that provide vandal protection in case you want to be sure someone does not tamper with you assembly. We also have enclosures designed to prevent freezing. Many times backflow prevention assemblies must be installed where they must be protected from the elements. We carry enclosures that can keep the assembly from being compromised even if the temperature falls to -30 degrees F. Enclosures are also produced that can hide assemblies when the aesthetics of the area are the main concern. An engineered enclosure assures that the assembly continues to operate properly in an adverse environment.

Backflow Enclosure Diagram

BAVCO maintains a complete inventory of different types and styles of enclosures to help with your needs. Enclosures can be made of fiberglass, aluminum, expanded metal, steel or stainless steel. We have them all. Manufacturers of enclosures produce units of standards size and dimensions, but custom sizes to fit any installation needs are easily available. They can be made to also blend into the landscape. If freeze protection is the concern, there may be other ways to help prevent freezing other than the engineered enclosures. Thermostatic relief valves can be used to keep water flowing in the backflow prevention assembly to assure the water will not freeze. Enclosure bags that contain insulation can help retard the freezing process and are helpful where temperature are not extreme. Whatever method, materials, design, or construction you may need, BAVCO carries the solution.