Backflow Prevention Products - Test Kits

For a backflow prevention assembly tester to do the job professionally, a test kit is essential. BAVCO maintains the largest and widest variety of test kits in stock. Test kits vary widely in their accuracy, reliability, and durability; however, BAVCO can help you evaluate the many different types of backflow test kits on the market and help you select a test kit that will become your most important tool.

Test kits can contain gauges, which use bellows, diaphragms, or transducers. Gauge bodies can be made of plastic or brass. They can have 2, 3, or 5 needle valves in the kit. BAVCO maintains a state of the art gauge lab that can help assure your backflow test kit is working properly. BAVCO can also provide gauge calibration or test kit parts like hoses, adapters, test tubes, strainers, or needle valves.

Backflow Test Kits