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Watts No. TK-9A Backflow Test Kit

Watts No. TK-9A

Backflow Preventer Test Kit

The Watts No. TK-9 Mod. "A" Backflow Preventer Test Kit is a compact portable testing device especially made for testing all Reduced Pressure Zone Backflow Prevention Devices Watts Series 909 or 009. The TK-9 Mod. "A" is easily connected to any RPZ device enabling accurate testing of "zone" differential pressure, relief valve opening differential, fouled check valves or similar problems that visual inspections cannot locate. The unit is encased in a rugged carrying case for easy handling and accessibility.


Maximum Working Pressure 175 psi
Maximum Working Temperature 210°F
Gauge 4 1/2 inch diameter face dual scale
0-15 psid and 0-1 kg/cm², ± 2% accuracy full scale.
Test Valves (2) ball valves and (1) needle valve.
Hoses (3) 3' with female threaded swivel couplings.
Adapters (3) 1/4" threaded coupling adapters
(3) 1/2" x 1/4" bushing
(3) 3/4" x 1/4" bushing
  • 1 - 16" Securing strap.
  • 1 - Moisture resistant instruction guide.
  • Lightweight, shock resistant molded plastic case with foam inserts.

Watts No. TK-99D Backflow Test Kit

Watts No. TK-99D

New Backflow Preventer Test Kit

The Watts Model TK-99D hand-held digital test kit is an advanced test instrument designed to test PVB's, SVB's, DCVA's, DCDA's, RP's and RPDA's. The high contrast LCD display and large 5/8" height Differential Character make backflow testing a snap.

This compact test kit features .25% Full Scale "Accuracy" in addition to a low battery indicator and an automatic shutdown feature to conserve battery life. Why lug around gauges weighing 15 lbs or more? At "less than 3 lbs", the TK-99D test kit from Watts Regulator beats the competition hands down.


  • Reviewed by the Foundation for Cross-Connection Control and Hydraulic Research at the University of Southern California.
  • "Lightest" test kit available-Only 2.8 lbs.
  • Compact "Hand-held" test kit for ease of use
  • State-of-the-art accuracy of ".25% of full scale" for reliable testing of all types of backflow prevention assemblies
  • Easy to read high contrast LCD Display
  • "Low Battery Indicator" displays when batteries are needed
  • "Automatic shutdown feature" conserves battery life by turning test kit off after 15 minutes without pressure on the gauge
  • Large 5/8" Differential Character Display insures accurate reading of the gauge
  • Durable High Impact ABS body provides water resistance
  • Adjustable hand and shoulder straps for field use
  • Color-coded hoses to assist tester in using test kit
  • Corrosion resistant stainless steel needle valves with renewable seats
  • Inlet pressure readout to assist in troubleshooting
  • Minimum/maximum inlet pressure readout-records range of supply pressure fluctuations
  • Uses two Alkaline "C" sized batteries-approximately 400 hours of use
  • Test kit includes test fittings
  • 100 micron 316 Stainless Steel filter protects gauge from dirt and debris and are field cleanable


Maximum working pressure 200 PSIG
Maximum Working Temperature 210°F
Differential Pressure Readout: 0-200 psi
Separate inlet pressure readout 0-200 psi
Hoses Three 36" color coded with female swivel couplings.
Needle Valves 316 stainless steel needle valves with adjustable packing gland and renewable seats
  • Adapters included
  • One moisture resistant operation manual
  • High contrast LCD display
  • .25% Full Scale Accuracy
  • High impact ABS housing

Watts TK-99E

Watts TK-99E

Accuracy you can depend on, when your name is on the line

The Watts TK-99E has been designed for simplified operator operation and rugged reliability in a compact package. Offering the latest in gauge technology, the Watts TK-99E provides dependable accuarcy when testing pressure vaccume breakers, reduced pressure backflow preventers or double check assemblies. TK-99E for Watts Series 909 and 009 models, accurate to ±1% of full scale.


  • Color-coded valves and hoses for simplified operation.
  • Top mounted drain/purge valves and conveniently located line pressure gauge for ease of use.
  • A large 4.5" anti-parallax dial which indicated descending measurement, accurate to ±1% of full scale.
  • Conveniently located needle valves for easy access.
  • Lightwieght needle valves encased in a chemical-resistant body for trouble-free operation.
  • Replaceable hose filters and valve stem seal for field repair.
  • Complete kit contains gauge with color-coded valves and hoses, hose adapters, shock card for easy mouinting, supply pressure gauge. All contained in a durable carrying case with room for tools.

Watts TK-DL


Say Hello to 'TK-DL' ...That's short for Test Kit with Digital Print-Out - the finest piece of field test equipment made today.

Imagine for a moment that you could test backflow prevention assemblies in the field with the same digital print-out confidence that our quality control technicians achieve at the factory.

Well, that's exactly what the Watts new TK-DL is all about. Through the power of microprocessors, Watts shrank their factory test bench into a small also lightweight traveling companion that replaces both pressure and differential test gauges. Regardless of the job - pressure vacuum breakers, reduced pressure backflow preventers, or double check valve assemblies - the TK-DL is the only test gear you'll need.

But versatility isn't TK-DL's only claim to fame. It's also substantially more accurate than mechanical test gauges (to ± 0.2%) and features an easy-to-read numerical display that eliminates the reading errors common to analog dials and pointers. High-side, low side, and differential pressure are continuosly displayed and recorded in the unit's 32-K memory.

Best of all, the TK-DL gives you printed, on-site documentation, recording the time, date, and verified test results. If you like, you can print a copy for a client, to be left at the site, then print a second copy for yourself, to be filed in you office. Either way, you get real-time verification that the backflow preventer was puncutally and properly tested. If the test should ever be challenged - as is sometimes done in litigation - you have the printed test results as material proof. And since the TK-DL holds 50 three-minute tests in its memory (or 75 shorter tests), you can access and print your test results whenever and wherever you like.

Last but not least, Watts designed the TK-DL so it's a snap to use, with no programming required. When you switch the unit on, it automatically checks its calibration and battery power, and documents the results. No guesswork. If you're forgetful about turning it off, it'll even take care of that.

The TK-DL comes in a rugged carrying case with the handgrip and adjustable shoulder strap. The kit includes a set of NiCad batteries, AC battery charger, three six-foot color-coded hoses, a set of brass adapters, and the operatiing maual. Watts stands behind the unit with a full one-year warranty.

The TK-DL also assures that every test is equally accurate. The unit calibrates itself before each test.