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Barton/Cameron 246/247 BFT Backflow Tester

246/247 BFT Backflow Tester

Barton/Cameron's Back Tester offers the best in accuracy, durability, and reliability in portable backflow preventer test kits. These kits utilize the time proven Barton/Cameron welded beryllium copper bellows assembly for one-half of one percent accuracy. This translates into an accuracy reading within 0.075 PSID in both ascending and descending actions. Barton/Cameron offers the perfect blend of accuracy and durability without compromising functionality. Both models can be easily connected to any reduced pressure backflow preventer or pressure vacuum breaker.

Barton/Cameron Acuating Unit

Acuating Unit

The foundation of Barton/Cameron's Tester is the Model 224C Differential Pressure Unit. This proven unit has been used by Barton/Cameron for over 60 years for products such as: indicators, recorders, integrators, transmitter, switches, and controllers. Stability of calibration and minimum maintenance are inherent qualilties of Barton/Cameron DPUs.


  • Pressure Overrange Protection (up to 500 PSI) - no damage to the meter due to pressure spikes
  • Easy reading Scale - 150 separate 0.1 PSID divisions mark the large 270° scale
  • M246 BFT's small 3-inch scale provides a compact tester.
  • M247 BFT's large 6-inch scale provides easy measurement reading.
  • Five easy to use valves - designed with stainless steel, corrosion resistant, stems and soft seats
  • Unique built-in manifold - allows the addition of a pressure gauge to obtain static pressure reading during testing.
  • Compact Case (Steel Reinforced Polyethene) w/foam insert - minimizes damage during storage
  • Adaptable - allows performance on all types of backflow assemblies
  • Hand/Shoulder Strap - allows field use
  • Fittings/Hoses Included - test fittings and three color coded, 6 foot hoses for easy hookup
  • Reviewed by University Of Southern California


Safe Working Pressure 500 PSI
Material Brass
DP Range 0-15 PSID
Scale Face:
M246 3-inch (0-15 PSID, 150 divisions)
M247 6-inch (0-15 PSID, 150 divisions)
Accuracy ±0.5% (0.075 PSID)
Temperature Range +32°F to +200°F
Lens Material Lexan
Carrying Case Metal reinforces high density polyethylene. Water-resistant closed-cell foam inside
Hoses (3)6-foot (upstream, downstream, and bypass)
Manifold 3-valve (high, low, and bypass)
Bleed Valves (2) 1/4-inch (brass)
Adapter Fittings (3) each, SAE 1/8", 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4"
Gauge Dimensions
M246: 10.5" x 4"
M247: 10.5 x 7.5"
Gauge Weight
M256: 7 lbs
M247: 8.5 lbs